Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Today Starts it.

Today, Tuesday, at 4:00 PM, I will start my march. I will carry a sign that will send the message that I want the war to end immediately. The date is January 23, 2007.

I will do this for one hour, every week, every Tuesday at the same time. I already have promises from friends that say they will join me. I also have had fellow bloggers tell me they are with me in spirit. This is all good. But I still implore all of you to do just one little thing more than you have in the past. Call a Senator or Congressperson, e-mail or write to them. Carry your own sign. Send some organized trustworthy peace group a few dolloars, even a buck. There are some listed on my sidebar that I have found to be worthy of our trust. Do one thing new everyday. Do it.

I am not a hero. I am not trying to get publicity. I can't do that by myself. But as the groundswell continues to grow, sooner or later there will too many to ignore. Then the tide may change. We must keep trying, we must all do just a little bit more.

I'll post pictures of my marches as time goes on. I'll blog what is said to me and my responses. I know I'll get many honkers and wavers in approval, but I will get the finger a lot too. I am thick skinned and it will not bother me. I'm not Catholic, but maybe I'll make the Sign of the Cross to them or a simple Peace sign with my fingers and a smile.

Inside, I will pray for each person that shows their weakness and would prefer war over peace. I will be tolerant and practice this. I will be forgiving and practice this. I will be cold because it's freakin' 20 degrees and the wind is blasting off the Lake Superior, but I'll be there. Please join me, somehow, someway, in spirit, in the flesh.

Look for our bumper sticker and pin-on button campaign to begin in a few weeks. You can show and tell everyone where you stand on the issue. Except, of course, if you stand on the side of the people who want to be at war. You'll have to get your buttons and pins eleswhere. Mine don't have much leeway when it comes to the "other" side of the proverbial aisle.

I'll have my cell phone with me. Call me if you want and wish me well. (715) 209-0241) I'll be on the sidewalk in front of the Post Office and City Hall in Ashland, Wisconsin. It is between Chapple Avenue and Sixth Avenue West on Main Street.

See you there.

Peace and Namaste..... Mitakwe Oyasin We Are All Ralated

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Mary said...

I just found a local group who does the same thing from 3-4 on Fridays. I am so excited! Game on.