Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mid Week Update

This coming Tuesday, March 27th, will be the tenth Peace Vigil in Ashland, WI. Time does fly by. We hope something drastic will happen and we won't have to be out there, but as for now, there is a core group of individuals that will attend, most weeks, hold their signs and wave at people who drive by and say hello to those that walk.

No one confronts us directly. Those that flip us off or give the thumbs down never stop by to discuss their opposition. And still, the funniest thing said to any of us is the tried and true anti protest protest mantra, "Get a Job!"

I did get one phone call from someone asking for more information about the Vigil. I'll answer that call today and see if I can recruit another body for Tuesday.

We are all puzzled. There is one regular from the college in town. This is Northland College here in Ashland. It is a Liberal Arts College with emphasis on Environmental Studies. I like to think of the students as "people of our ilk", yet, only one shows up. There is a Peace and Justice Studies program and courses there. There are posters up on campus. I am confounded as to why there aren't any more students that come over for an hour and ask for peace.

I am feeling that when I get a little time, I'll go over to the college and ask around, maybe I'll find out why there doesn't seem to be any interest in asking for and end to war.

In the meantime. We are doing it. You are with us and we stand for those that support our efforts. I thank you. We all thank you. Your Nation thanks you for your continued support.

Now go out and do something, some little thing and one little thing more to keep the fact that we are at war and people are dying and struggling and suffering and we want it to end.

May Peace prevail on the Sacred Earth Mother.


Peacechick Mary said...

I'll definitely be interested to hear what the young people have to say. Who knows, they may have some ideas that will be helpful.

Worried said...

Spado; I posted about you, Granny, and Marty's peace activism on Is America Burning.

I don't have the urls for the links to http:// articles and photos about Marty's Freeway bloggers and the article about the Memorial to our Iraqi War vets.If you are interested, just scroll down to the appropriate articles.

I am very proud of the work for peace that our blogging friends are doing. You guys are great!

deuddersun said...

Students today aren't interested because the war has no impact on their lives, unlike the Viet Nam era, when all young men were subject to the draft.

The only ones likely to turn out are those who are Vets, have loved ones in the military or the few who have developed a social conscience.

Perhaps if we all had to sacrifice to win the "War On Terror", more would feel the need to support our efforts.