Sunday, March 11, 2007

Newspaper Article

It seems the powers that be at the Ashland Daily Press have decided to write a piece about the weekly Peace Vigil that goes on on the streets of Ashland on Tuesday afternoons. I'd love to link you to the article or post the article along with the pictures that were published, but it was in the weekend edition and is not available on line and I don't have a scanner.

In any event, it was a short article, on the front page and continued on page eight of the Saturday/Sunday Ashland Daily Press. I can't say if they publish the weekend edition on-line at all. I'll try to get it on here in time. As many of you know, I've been very busy lately.

The weather is warming up and the long range forecast looks like Tuesday will be warmer and less snowy that the last. Maybe the article will get the attention of more people and the participation will surge. That would be better tham a troop surge for sure.

We've had around thirty different people. When we have 10 on the corner, it is not the same ten every week. I am pleased that the numbers have been steady and that people are joining me in this effort to let our feelings be known in our own town, that some of us want an end to war. We want peace in the world. We want the killing and the devastation to stop.

Thanks for visiting the Peace Blog. Stop by and carry a sign for peace if you're in Ashland, Wisconsin on Tuesday. I'll buy you a cup of coffee.


singleton said...

Carrying a sign for peace, everyday, everywhere. Peace and Love to you all, Spadoman

Peacechick Mary said...

That's a real breakthrough considering the attitude of the editor. Do post the article when you can. I want to read it and cheer.

Coffee Messiah said...

If you don't know anyone there, send the article and I'll post it for you!

bluegrrrrl said...

Glad you're getting some press time, Spado!

Keep up the good work for peace.