Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Peace Vigil # 8, March 13, 2007

This is what the sky looked like moments after the March 13th Peace Vigil had ended. Just thought it a peaceful view and how ironic that we can see peace all around if we look for it.

We had some nice weather. Temperatures up into the 50's and a slight breeze. Thjat wind off of :alr Superior can be brutal even when Spring weather is here. But we sure appreciate those cool breezes off the big lake when it's 95 degrees and humiod in the middle of July and we got 77 Sunny Cool degrees blowing at us from the North.

The nice weather in combination to the newspaper article had people out in good numbers. We had 16 people out standing for Peace for this particular Tuesday Peace Vigil. We have never had mre than 11 before.

This is Mrs. Spadoman with her "Peace" flag.

One man stopped his car, got out and offered dry roasted peanuts to all of us as he to;ld us he just couldn't stay, but appreciated our efforts. Another woman who had business at the Post Office stopped by and spent a few moments of her busy schedule to just say that she agrees that the world needs Peace.

An elderly woman saw us and went home and made a sign and came back to joion us and spent the rest of the hour along with our group. Still another woman saw the group and pulkled over and stayed with us while others explained to her what the vigil was all about.

This is David. He is a regular attendee of the Peace Vigil.

All in all, a very good day on the Tuesday corner. We all were hopinh that something would happen thaty would make us not have to be there, but the end of it doesn't look like it's in sight. But we must remain vigilent.

Here are some pictures from Vigil Number eight.

This is Alyssa, Spadoman's daughter with her companion, Onawa, and one in the stroller.

Peace to all. Come join us sometime. Make an adventure out of it.

Here's the group right about 5:00 PM in Ashland on March 13th. Nice sunshine and good spirits on this corner in town.


Worried said...

I wish I could join you all, Spado, but it is simply too far away. My electric scooter simply will not make the trip.

Daughter Jo and son Terry are threatening to buy me a good little used car. I would love to sneak away from my eagle eyed chaperone kids who are distrustful of any hare brained, independent escapade their aged mother might be up to, but even if I could make a getaway, the cost of gasoline for that far a drive would be prohibitive on my limited income. I always say, young man, I am with you all in spirit.

Good show, that your group is growing! I am so pleased.

betmo said...

got peace? it's catching! you all are making a difference- unfortunately, it takes time. vigil is the root of vigilant. maybe there will come a day- maybe in gracie's lifetime- where we will not need a peace vigil. i would like to think that this country would have stopped pre-emptive wars by that time.

Peacechick Mary said...

congratulations on the newcomers and I say, the family who vigils together, stays together.

bluegrrrrl said...

That top picture is so, so, so beautiful...might have to print that one out...

fjb said...

That's great Spado! The peace movement seems to be growing everywhere now.


Fuzzylogic said...

Wow,that pic is amazing,it does seems to be spreading peace all around.You all are doing such a awesome job.It makes me so proud to know you!

Spadoman said...

Thanks for stopping by and posting comments. When I first started doing these vigils, they were very hard for me. I was filled with anxiety. PTSD does that to me. But as the weeks go on, I am stronger and less anxious. Then I see my friends supporting me and I feel great about it. Thank you so much.

That cloudy picture was taken at the end of the last Peace Vigil. I was driving and the sun was going down, the clouds made this fan and I pulled over and shot the picture. Made a peaceful day out of that one for sure.

I'll be there next Tuesday.

bluegrrrrl said...

Hey Joe--I've tried replying to your e-mail a few times, but it gets bounced back as undeliverable. Tried both addresses...Just want you to know I'm thinking about you and the family!

No said...

Prayers for you and your family.

Hill said...

Peace to you, my friend.

Kitchen Window Woman said...

Its growing I know it! My husband and I took the trolley into San Diego this latst Sat. the 17th to take part in a demostration and march. There were between 700 and 1000 protestors which is great for conservative Navy/Marine San Diego.
It was our first big one in years.

Many people honked their horns and flashed peace signs. We only saw two people flip us off. The best thing was that there were a lot more young people who joined us!

We're going out again tonight for a 4 year anniversary candle light vigil.

Its growing - all across the country - its growing!