Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Peace Vigil # 11, April 3, 2007

Sorry, no camera out at the Vigil today, but this gives you some idea of the weather.

It was cold when we started, right at the freezing mark, and colder when we finished. The bank thermometer said 22 degrees. The wind that was off Lake Superior from the Northeast switched and was blowing hard right out of the North. When I got home, the windows that face North and look at the lake were rattling and that end of the cabin was having a hard time keeping warm.

Needless to say, all this cold had snow with it. About 6-8 inches of heavy wet late season snow that felt like ice pellets coming down and stuck to your clothing like glue spikes. Our signs and flags were blowing all around and would knock us off balance a time or two.

We still managed eight people. Two were new and had never stood at the peace vigil with us before. And although the traffic was thin because of the severe weather and people hustling home rather than stick around town in the late afternoon, we still got plenty of horn honks. They still far out numbered the derogatory remarks and gestures.

The tree limbs were heavily laden with wet snow just before we went to the Vigil.

One of the negatives was one I’ve never heard before. We were told, “fuck you, faggots”. Now I don’t know about you, but one of the greatest peace songs ever written started out with the words:
“Everybody’s talkin’ bout fagots. fagots” Of course. “Give Peace a Chance”, by John Lennon. Another one of the prophets the people killed because he was changing lives, you know, like Jesus and MLK.

So, to be called a fagot was pretty cool. Another car load of young kids flipped us off. I didn’t pay that any mind as I just didn’t take them as sincere.

Bill brought us a pan of baked goods from the senior center where he works. Left overs from a bake sale. Kaelene was there, our resident letter-to-the-editor writer, Barb, Mark and myself. The new folks were a man named Frank. Served in Germany in 1971. Vietnam era Veteran, the local high school Spanish teacher, Anne, and Julia, a young woman interested in peace.

We got cold out there today with the wind and the blowing snow. Not many people were out to see us, but some did and we kept the Tuesday Peace Vigil alive and going.

Plans are to call the editor of the little weekly paper in town called the Lake Superior Sounder. Thay can be found at (sorry, tried to link it in text, but it didn't work) Jared Glovsky, the editor, had told one of our peace vigilers that he wanted to do a story about our efforts here. We’ll check in on that.

Thanks for coming here and reading about us and our weekly activities. Feel free to come and join us some time. Coffee available and I’m sure someone will offer a place to crash. If you can’t come, I understand. Hope you’re doing something where you live to work for peace, just one little thing each day.

Peace to all


betmo said...

yep- you folks got 'the right stuff'- one day and one vigil at a time- you are working to change things. i am impressed that your numbers were 8- given the weather. just goes to prove that people want to change and want to work on changing the world for peace. wear your 'faggot' moniker with pride!

bluegrrrrl said...

Hey, I've been called "faggot woman" before. Brings back fond memories!

Seems so strange to see snow...we're in full spring here where I am!

Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

Mary said...

That is true dedication! Very proud of you and your group.