Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Peace Vigil # 26, July 17, 2007

The past two weeks the weather has been brutal for standing in one spot on a corner in any town. Thunderstorms and driving rain one week and sustained high winds with gusts to 50 miles per hour the next. This Peace Vigil had perfect weather. 85 degrees and sunny. A very light breeze.

24 people came to the Peace Vigil today amid much horn honking and waves and peace signs from the passersby. Many strangers who had read the commentary in the local Ashland Daily Press had decided to see what was going on. An older pair from 200 miles away came from Minneapolis and stood with us as they took a day away from their vacation cabin on the lake. They said that maybe they'd be there again next week. Another local couple and man that came alone said they read the commentary and didn't know this was going on. Some old faces who have set the Vigil aside for a while and remembered that they needed to be here. Even some folks we didn't think were interested showed up.

The idea for the Peace Vigil was incubated in the Black Cat Coffee Shop, just yards away from where we stand. The owner, her name is Honore, walked up to me and engaged me in conversation and thanked the group and was glad the Black Cat was there for such ideas. As she couldn't stay for the entire hour, she left her business work for some moments to stand with us.

All in all a good event. We'll continue doing it. But sadness did befall us after a while. You see we were glad that there was great support for our cause and actually looked at this 26th week as a celebration. We were hit with the reality that we are still here and no end is in sight and we can't quit as we committed ourselves to this cause. It was sad that we are still here asking for peace. Maybe we'll make some headway soon as the Bush administration is under fire from all fronts, Democrats and Republicans.

Write those letters. Now is the time to do it. While they're going through the discussions about troop withdrawal. Write them and tell them you want this war to end.We love our troops and want hem home. We want to let the Iraqi people iron out their differences without telling them who to put in office. And we gotta tell Lieberman that we don't want to bomb Iran, either.

Thanks for your support. May Peace prevail on Mother Earth.


Peacechick Mary said...

Looks like you had a bigger turnout this week. I did see storms moving your way and wondered. Good to know everyone is fine.

Daniel said...

Lieberman, and a veritable army of those like him, need to be removed from the American political scene.

America is being manipulated by deluded Zionists. The outcome of that is disaster for the whole world!