Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Peace Vigil # 32, August 21, 2007

Just got home from Peace Vigil number 32. 32 weeks on the corner. So many horn honks and positive waves from folks now that they seem to be used to us. A woman who is normally not in town on Tuesdays happened by and stopped to thank us for "doing this", as they say. She went back to her car and brought us some fresh fruit, pears and plums and an imported high end chocolate bar!

Another man, driving a pickup truck, stopped and told us that bush and cheney need to be impeached. When one of us told him we all abreed, but that the thrust bof this vigil is peace, he responded by saying, "I know. I know".

The weather has been gloomy all day. Cloudy and in the 70's. We had a good rainfall last night. We had seven adults and three kids for a total of 10 people on the corner today. One m,an who stands with us quite often, walked by, but didn't stop. Maybe this week he';s for the war. But I swear last week he was against it.

We'll keep going. I am leaving town and will be gone for about three weeks. People will still stand at the corner for the Peace Vigil. Maybe someone will report. I'm sure someone will. When I return, I'll recruit some vigilers at Northland College as they are arriving for the Fall Semester which will start soon. We'll also start our vigil at 4:30 PM and go until 5:30 PM in about three weeks. The days will be getting shorter and the Post Office is busier, (more people to see us).

Take Care everyone. Spread Peace in some way.

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