Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Peace Vigil # 42, November 6, 2007

Today was pretty cold. 31 degrees. A stiff wind out of the Northwest, right off Chequamegon Bay. We moved about 60 feet to the East and used the large Post Office building as a wind block. It also put us under the street lights a little more. It was dark by the time we finished at 5:30 p.m. When we started, it was dark but not night time dark. It was overcast and seemed like we started late. I guess that's how it will be for a while. Dark when we start and night when we finish.

We had 8 people show up and stand for peace. Another man we knew walked by as he went to the Post Office lobby to mail something. He patted many of us on the back and thanked us. We heard many horn honks and got many waves, thumbs up and peace signs. I saw one man shake his head when he looked at us. I can't imagine what is going through someone's head that says that peace is a bad idea. Oh well, those that are against what we stand for don't ever want to discuss it. But as I may have mentioned in an earlier post. They thought about the war for a moment. They were exposed to people who are asking for peace.

The other news was that we talked about how we can have a big demonstration for when we have a one year anniversary. This is week 42. Only 10 more weeks and it will be one year since we started the Peace Vigil in Ashland, WI. There is talk of having a goal of 100 people standing on the corner. Pastor Patty said we can use the church basement for a meeting after that weeks vigil. I offered a spaghetti dinner. Another offered a speaker and some musical entertainment. We'll see. We have plenty of time to plan it. The sad thing is that we pretty much know that there will be one year that we have been standing here. We know that they won't end this war any time soon. And in reality, we should have been standing for almost 5 years. That's the shame of it.

Until next weeks Vigil. All hope lies with you and your actions. Peace starts right in your own heart and your own life. How you treat people, how you love. How you forgive. How you accept others and not simply tolerate them. If the world around you is a peaceful one, and we all do that, there will at least be some peace in a turbulent mixed up world. We need to show the world that those that want to have war don't speak for all of us.

Peace to All. Namaste. Mitakwe Oyasin

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betmo said...

thank you my friend for continuing the vigil for peace. not the fight for peace- but the peaceful protest for people to think before acting and to search their conscience for what is right.