Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Peace Vigil # 43, November 13, 2007

Today's weather was rather nice. In the mid 50's. Cloudy and a chance of rain. The rain held off and sprinkled after the Vigil was over for this week. The wind blew stiffly, and was radical. It seemed to come from three different directions. It was getting pretty dark at 4:30 when the Vigil started. By December and well into January, we'll be out there in the dark. But we do have a bright streetlight that shines on our signs, banners and flags as we stand for peace.

A young man stopped by. He told us that he actually agrees with war in certain circumstances, but that this war was one that he felt should not be being fought. He is around forty years old, as he described himself, and he is a Marine Corps Veteran. He said he was in Iraq at one time, but offered no more than that.

It was good that he stopped. He agreed that we all have an opinion and that we aren't going to all agree, but that respect for other people is of the ultimate importance. He is new to town. He complained about living here as he is from California and he thinks he's going to freeze to death in Northern Wisconsin.

Other than that new face stopping by and spending most of the hour talking with us, there were eight people at the Vigil. Most all stayed from start to finish. We mentioned the idea of trying to have 100 people show up for the January 22, 2008 to make a strong statement. January 22nd will be the 52nd week, or One Year Anniversary of the Peace Vigil in Ashland, Wisconsin.

I wasn't totally sure about what the young man told us as being the truth, but for part of an hour, he was exposed to our vision for peace. Earlier, the first car that drove by after I unfurled my American flag, gave me the thumbs down. The Peace Vigil started with a slightly negative edge, but ended on a good note when it didn't rain on us. We also received ample horn honks and waves and peace signs flashed at us while we stood on the corner.

My thanks to all that work for peace. My thanks for those loyal Ashland and surrounding area residents that support our efforts. And my thanks to the men and women in service to our country. We support you and want you home and out of harm's way.

Peace to All

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