Saturday, December 29, 2007

Iraq Moratorium

Smiling faces of people showing solidarity for Peace at the Iraq Moratorium #4 in Hayward, WI, always held on the third Friday of each month. Check the site to where there is a rally in your area.

The Iraq Moratorium, found HERE, at, is a National campaign to end the war in Iraq. The premise is simple. Hold a Peace Rally every third Friday of each month. Sing on to pledge that you will do just that. Stand on a corner at a rally being held close to where you live and go there every third Friday.

Go to the National Website to see where rallies are being held close to your home. Read the blogs and stories posted on the National Site. See the pictures of the enthusiastic folks holding their signs and calling attention the wants of the people to end the war.

This story, is about our own Iraq Moratorium Rally in a town close to where I live, Hayward, Wisconsin.

How We Got 80 People Out In A Small Wisconsin Town

dennisforim ~ 12/26/2007 06:25 CT
[Margaret Eggers Krause took time out on Christmas Day to send in these tips on how the folks in the Muskie Capitol of the World pulled off their very successful December 21 event.]

How did we do it? Over 80 people in Hayward, WI, population barely over 2100?

Get some publicity! Network with area groups. The other thing we did to achieve this was to think back to early on, when buses were headed to Washington... where are those protesters? Check other area groups, what are they doing? They all need to be re-invited... and told that, yes, there is a new urgency and drive to do something...and it starts with getting on the same page, on the same day. We promote that all groups use the Moratorium as their umbrella event.

That is the beauty of the Iraq Moratorium... it is for everyone. We all want the same results; if some groups continue holding their vigils on another day... good, keep that up if you want to .......

BUT UNITE AND BE A FORCE - the only kind that will get politician's ears - on EVERY THIRD FRIDAY!

In Ashland, WI, about 60 miles North of Hayward, we have been holding a weekly Peace Vigil for almost a year now. In fact, we are in our 49th week. Just three more Tuesdays and we'll have a year. Hayward also has a weekly Peace Rally. It is held on Fridays at 4:00 p.m. Ashland's is Tuesdays at 4:30 p.m.

But the Iraq Moratorium is building momentum and there are rallies all across the Nation. Please check it out and join in. There is strength in numbers. The usual attendance in Ashland is around 10 per week, Hayward sees about 6. The Iraq Moratorium had 83 participants last time in December. The next Third Friday is January 18, 2008.

Mark your calendars. January 18th, 2008. Make it a point to find out where the Iraq Moratorium #5 will be held in your area. Go to the site and make the pledge to give one hour per month to work for peace by attending the Iraq Moratorium Rally.

Here are some pictures from last months Rally in Hayward, courtesy of Paul Mitchell.

Some of the fine folks braving the Ice, Snow and Cold to take part in Iraq Moratorium #4 in Hayward, WI. Mrs. Spadoman far to the left, holding the light blue Peace Sign flag.

The crosses were provided by a local Veterans For Peace chapter in Northern Wisconsin.

Consider looking into this and take action. It is at least something to continue to show the power that the people want an end to war.

Peace to All in the Universe.


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