Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Veterans For Peace National Leaders Arrested in Protest

Call and write your elected officials. Tell them you want an end to war.

This e-mail sent to me as I am a member of Veterans For Peace.

Date: Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 10:44 AM

Dear Colleagues,

VFP President Mike Ferner, Vice President Leah Bolger, and Treasurer
Ken Mayers were all arrested in front of the White House today while
standing vigil over three mock coffins draped with US, Afgan, and Iraq
flags. Other VFP members arrested included Mike Hearington, Jim
Goodnow, Tarak Kauf, Tom Palombo and Louis Wolf. VFP Executive
Director Michael McPhearson, along with Colonel Ann Wright and members
of the capital area VFP chapters also supported the protest. The VFP
members were among 65 arrestees who included Kathy Kelly, Liz
McAlister, and Cindy Sheehan among others. All those arrested were
taken to the National Park Police Headquarters, booked, and released.
They now have 14 days in which to reappear at the National Park Police
Headquarters either to pay their $100 fines or to obtain a court date.

Along with Veterans for Peace, a broad range of affinity groups, such
as the Atlantic Life Community, Witness Against Torture, Veterans for
Peace, World Can’t Wait, and Activist Response Team had members
arrested. Other groups fully endorsing the action and participating
were Peace Action, Code Pink, the War Resisters’ League, and Student
Peace Action Network.

The protest called for withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Afghanistan,
ending the illegal bombing with US drones, including neighboring
Pakistan, and the closing of the Bagram prison and ending indefinite
detention and torture. We called for an end to these wars and
occupations, including that of Iraq, so that our resources can be used
for life-sustaining actions including the funding and the rebuilding
of Afghanistan’s and Iraq’s infrastructure and medical assistance to
Afghans and Iraqis, in addition to poverty reduction programs in the
United States and world wide. We continue to call for accountability
for those who have committed war crimes.

Kenneth Mayers
Veterans for Peace - Santa Fe
Wage Peace!


Hemp 4 Life said...

VFP 001
Anti War Rally Portland Maine Nov-06-2009
Herb Hoffman and guests.

3 videos on a play list. check it out

Unknown said...

THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! What has happened to ourright to peacably assemble? What law did they break?

Vigilante said...

Live Strong, Spadoman.

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