Friday, January 26, 2007

Democracy Now with Congressperson Maxine Waters

Congesswoman Maxine Waters of California had some good things to say the other day. She was on Deocracy NOw with Amy Goodman. She speaks to the issue of war and doesn't skirt around it like has been the norm since the State of the Union Address.

I especially like the fact that she mentions politicians are not willing to risk their political careers to take a stand. She has invited. in somecases challenged, other Congressp[eople and Senators of both parties to march in this Saturdays Peace March and Rally in Washington DC.

Overall, I like Democracy Now to get some stories that you won'y hear on network bought and paid for TV. This is a good example. Please CHECK THIS OUT.


Coffee Messiah said...

Nice to hear a few people mention this.
Although we all know it's always been this way: saying what the Voters want to hear.
Maybe this will change, even a little bit? Let's hope so!
DN is indeed worthy of any reading, among a few others! ; )

Mary said...

Yup I like what she has to say and that she's saying it. I wish there were more like her.
I like Democracy Now too.

Worried said...

Good post, Spado. Keep spreading the word.

You fought for your country once before. Now this is another battle you are fighting. Soldier on.

Worried said...

PS: I forgot to tell you. Access Good show for the Lakota and Hopi.

Pursey Tuttweiler said...

I love the Peace Blog. This positive message is so uplifting. Thank you so much for creating this blog.