Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mid Week Update Peace March # 1

Walking for Peace with the warm sun on our backs

Two things of importance happened while on the first march for peace last Tuesday. Right at the beginning, around 4:00 PM. A young woman was walking her gog across the Street. She recognized me and crossed over in the middle of the block to say hello. Her name is Karen and she is s reporter for the local newspaper, The Daily Press. She was off work, but stopped by to see what was going on.

She herself is a peace activist and told me that she would be there to walk and carry a sign next week. She also mentioned that she would want to do a story for the paper about the project. I asked her to let it evolve for a few weeks and see what happens. Maybe hundreds will start showing up, or maybe the cops will tell us to get a parade permit. Who knows?

In any event, Karen will join us next week and will be taking notes. At some point, she will write a story about our grassroots attempt at marching for peace. She'll probably bring her dog.

Another person stopped by. This woman is a part time professor at Northland College in Ashland. She teaches Peace and Justice Studies. We have been in contact via e-mail and she said she will be there as a citizen participant next Tuesday. She also will get the word out on campus and she "knows" there will be students that would want to march every week.

Today, I will create a flyer to post on public bulletin boards around town and at the college. I will also have some post card size information cards printed to pass out. Others are spreading the word around town. I have some good hope for this project. I want there to be too many people showing up that we can't be ignorred.

There's my mid week update for Peace in Ashland. Someone mentioned a name of our organization. That's just it. There is no organization. People are told that something is going on, and people show up. Simple to do something that way.

I hope someone is inspired to do one little thing more, to take one small action more, in their own life to end the war.

May Peace prevail; on the Sacred Earth Mother.

Picture from the Peace March #1


No said...

Great work, where is your mugshot?

deuddersun said...

This reminds me of many of the sit-ins and be-ins I went to during the '60's. No big promotion, just word of mouth with occasional posters or hand-outs.

Good work! I am impressed!


Anne said...

Great blog, Spadoman, and much needed.

bluegrrrrl said...

Amazing things happen when one person acts on an idea! It's so cool that this "project" is catching on!

Mary said...

I will enjoy watching this evolve. I bet you will be growing by leaps and bounds. I said on your 1st post that there is a small group here doing the same thing only I didn't know it. They got their picture in the local paper and now I know so I will be joining them.

Worried said...

Wonderful beginning, Spado.