Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Peace March # 3, February 6, 2007

This is Pat trying to keep warm while she carries the Peace Flag at the Tuesday at $ PM March

It was cold to be sure. Temperature at 4:00 PM, march time, was three degrees. But we had another sun drenched march on the streets of ashland, Wisconsin. The wind wasn’t blowing too awful hard, so it wasn’t as harsh as yesterday when we had minus thirty five degree wind chills with a high daytime temperature of eight below zero.

There were seven in attendance for the whole hour, with five others that came and stayed a while and carried signs. I thought the numbers would drop off because of the cold, but they stayed steady, with a few new faces included. This made things look promising.

I truly believe that the cold weather did have an effect on the turnout. I can’t and won’t judge anyone that decided, or didn’t even think about coming. You have to be pretty determined to make plans to stand outside for an hour in this cold snap. I wish I hadn’t made the commitment to march myself.

We congregated on the corner this week and not so much walked back and forth in front of the Post Office. There was a question as to whether or not we were getting into the way of people who were just doing their errands and mailing stuff. It didn’t seem as busy today, again maybe the cold weather, but we were visible, a mass of just a few people, all with signs and a peace sign flag waving.

Horn honks and waves far outnumbered the thumbs down and fingers, but apathy won out over the horn honkers and wavers. Still, hopefully someone we didn’t know about noticed a few people who had something to say about ending the war.

I especially like the people who emphatically give the peace sign or wave the thumbs up while honking their horn. I want to believe that each marcher represents many people who just can’t be there or don’t join in the marches.

Of the nay sayers, someone yelled “Get a job!”. I always wondered what that had to do with anything. One man walked up and told us, “You should go wave those flags in Iran.”

I asked him, “Is it warmer there?” There was no reply.

Personally, I wonder if it does any good, to march against the war. Then I come away with the idea that it does no harm. Can anyone really argue that to stop killing people is a bad thing? Can anyone in their right mind say “let’s keep killing” is their choice as opposed to let’s not kill any more people?

Anyway, another Tuesday under our belts. Thank you marchers and supporters.


Coffee Messiah said...

I like your retort to the Iran remark. Why are people so ignorant.
Why bemoan the deaths of 9/11 but it's fair game to kill innocents in other countries?
These are the thoughts that occupy my little brain! ; (

No said...

Way to go, Ashland...way to ge the people motivated...especially the skinny little blond with the sunglasses and the peace sign...(I'm kidding..don't you know)...really.

betmo said...

i laughed out loud- witty response! :) no- folks can't really argue with stopping the killing- which is why they come up with the lame responses of 'get a job' and 'if you don't like it- leave.' that is the extent of their intelligence. which is why you and your crew march. thank you.

singleton said...

Keep praying
And keep saying it over and over again.
God bless you.

No said...

You rock, Pat.

bluegrrrrl said...

You are so inspiring spadoman!!!
Keep up the march toward peace...

Old Broad said...

I'm honored to know you, Spadoman.

Spadoman said...

Thank you all so very much for coming here and making comments.

It's not me. I am nothing. I am glad you are inspired. If we could only get people to do just one little thing more each day and bring an end to war, to the killing.

Maybe we are here in Ashland, maybe you are on your blogs and in the streets where you live. Maybe the people are listening. Maybe something will happen to make the cahnges we need for Peace.

May Peace prevail on the Sacred Earth Mother.

singleton said...

Share your prayer please

fjb said...

Good on you, sir. Keep it up , and remember, "a spark to a flame".