Monday, February 5, 2007

What We Decided

I have talked with all but one of the original bunch that were present when we decided on a weekly Peace March here in our hometown of Ashland, Wisconsin. All but one favored keeping our Peace March, that we hold every Tuesday afternoon at 4 PM, focused on one subject, that is an end to war, and to maintain a non violent posture throughout the hour long march.

I appreciate those that commented and gave your opinions when I posed this question in an earlier post. The outcome of those here mirrored your opinions.

We printed up a short "guideline" sheet that we will hand out to those that attend the Peace March. Here is a copy of it:

Tuesday at 4 PM Peace March
General Information and Guidelines

A group of individuals in Ashland, WI have started a March for Peace. It takes place for one hour each week and commences at 4:00 PM every Tuesday at the corner of Chapple Ave. and Main St.

The consensus of the core group of planners feel that the interests of Peace and an end to the war are best served if all who attend follow these guidelines. We ask that you:

Please keep signage to the one major issue, or single purpose, of Ending the War or for Peace. We feel that to have more than one issue being considered will dilute the overall message that we want to raise, that is, we want Peace.

Please Keep this Protest March Non-Violent by not confronting others and refusing to return assaults, verbal, like name calling, and physical, like hand gesturing, or starting any type of assault against anyone.

When a few of us met this morning at the Black Cat coffeehouse and discussed the issue, one wanted to know what would happen if someone attended and did not want to stick to one issue or was violent.

I responded that as far as I was concerned, I would do nothing but ask the person to adhere to the wishes of the consensus of the originators of the march. Other than that, I would do nothing. If other participants wanted to say something to the person or persons, that would be up to them.

Sounds like a chicken shit way to run things on the face of it, but that's the way I decided to handle it. To make if a free event, I will not be party to any kind of censure. I believe that we will ask people to handle themselves in a non violent fashion and stick to one main issue and not carry signs that dilute the peace issue that we bring forward at the Tuesday Peace March.

It's very cold here in Northern Wisconsin. Wind chills of over 30 degrees below zero. Tomorrow's march will be a true test of the faithful. Everyone that shows up will be well bundled up to be sure. But it's just an hour. We all can make it for one hour.

You won't recognize me, but I'll be the one with a sign.

Peace to all. Please do all you can do to end the war, then, do one little thing more.


betmo said...

well, what else can you do? it's a public street and you can't really eject them. i have a feeling folks will be honorable.

Coffee Messiah said...

My Peace Chucks are most always on, unless there's a fair amount of snow.
With the looks I get out here, I might as well be from another planet
: (
Although, yesterday I was purching a couple of books, and someone came in with a huge Peace sign around his neck, among other things.
Between he and I, it was like watching someone look at a cuckoo clock! ; )
Stay warm. It's damn cold here, but you beat us by a few degrees!

Mary said...

I think the guidelines are good. Sensible. Realistic. Very proud of what you are doing.
(and very behind on my blog reading but I did go back on what I'd missed.)