Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Peace March #5, Tuesday February 20, 2007

Another Tuesday has come and gone. We held another Peace March in Ashland, WI at 4:00 PM. The weather sure was different than the first four marches. Temperatures were in the upper 30’s and touched above forty by late afternoon. With a soft southwesterly flow to the slight breeze, we found ourselves lined up on the sidewalk with jacket unzipped for a little while, until the sun went behind a building.

Yes, much more peaceful weather to take up our signs and stand on the Cities steet corner. We had twelve people in attendance, 9 that stayed from end to end and three that came for part of the march and left. I count it as a dozen. We discussed that with the sun staying higher in the sky, the new daylight savings time that has us changing clocks ahead on March 11 and the fact that many that say they want to come can’t make it because of work, we will start the month of March and move the time from 4:00 to 5:00 PM for the first Tuesday Peace March for the first Tuesday in March of 2007. That would be March 6th. February 27th’s march will remain at 4:00PM.

Once again, many horn honks and waves of approval. Many peace signs flashed at us. Thumbs up. People some of us know, some were strangers that gave us their approval. The approval far outweighing the finger, I saw one, and disapproval. Two people spoke out to us. One told us that war and killing is part of life. Another was an active duty serviceman who flashed us his Military ID card as he told us the “We don’t like what you’re doing.”

I thanked him for serving us. I told him I know how hard it is to me a soldier. He wanted to be angry instead of discuss anything. He asked if gets a prize with his ID card here at this “party”.

How I wished he would listened to our message. How I wish he had looked at our faces and seen my hat that tells him I am a combat veteran. How I wish he could explain to intelligent people how wanting killing to end was bad for anybody.

They can’t, and they won’t. because this one soldier will tell you that “we” don’t like what the protesters are doing when we ask for peace and an end to war,

I corrected him and said, “you don’t like what we’re doing here, but not every member of the military agrees with you. You don’t speak for everybody. Besides, we have the right to disagree with you, don’t we?”

He acknowledged that we do have that right, but before he spewed forth the age old I am the soldier and you’re free because of me line, just like vile prick double U said the other day that “Money”, I pointed at my cap. My service and being a disabled veteran trumped his spiel. He drove away.

Still, even though the honks outnumbered the fingers, the apathy still outnumbers the honks. Still many people ignore the marchers. But we stayed on the corner. We were there for one hour and people are getting the idea that there is a war going on.

All our signs asked for peace or an end to war. No mud slinging epithets to the administration. No mention of other issues like Brittney Spears shaved head or the lies we were told in 2003 after the shock and awe started. Just peace. Stop the killing of human beings.

No change in plans for next week. We’ll be there. If you want to join us, give me a call or an e-mail. We can put you up for a night. Maybe we can do some ice fishing before the march.

By the way, these photos were taken by Shutterwi, a Veteran and a good friend who has a blogsite filled with delightful photographs depicting nature and life at its best in and around Ashland, WI. Check it out.

May Peace prevail on the Sacred Earth Mother.


betmo said...

if you meander over to the future was yesterday's blog- a few posts back he has real, bonafide email from a soldier in iraq. that young man has a blog- the kernals are poppin'- and if you follow his blog- you can see the progression of his thoughts. as of a few days ago, he is of the mind that this 'war' won't and can't be won. apparently, the gentleman who was angry wanted an excuse to be angry. that is his right but he most certainly doesn't speak for every member of the armed services.

Peacechick Mary said...

You are doing a hero's job, Spadoman.

Coffee Messiah said...

No need to say much to those that want to argue.
I simply say, I'm for life at all costs, and simply don't believe death is an option for anyone, especially innocent civilians.
And for good measure, throw in how the hell can we take care of others, when we don't even get close to doing anything for our children/elderly here in the US! ; (

skinnylittleblonde said...

12're up by another 20%
Good Job! Keep it Up!
Tonight, after work I will have to follow your link, now I must work... but I know it will be a must see.
You are a little miracle worker Spadoman...because what you do is based on love, peace & truth. Perseverance will pay off...Love Grows & Peace will prevail.

singleton said...

It's growing.

Peace, love, and not counting the ones holding the signs, but maybe, the ones touched by the signs....
Hold them high, sweet Spado, it's growing!

bluegrrrrl said...

I surely do wish I could join you one of these days Spadoman.
Thank you for continuing to inspire.

fjb said...

As the weather warms, hopefully so will the hearts. Persevere my friend, like Singleton said: "It's growing".

Worried said...

With you in spirit, Spado and friends.

Kitchen Window Woman said...

The political apathy is hard to take especially when the situation is about life and death. My husband and I were out Thursday here in East County (San Diego area) with MoveOn and Veterans for Peace for the "Congress is the Decider" letter delivery. There were between 35 and 40 people which is huge for this area. I was inspired to take part by you. I figure we've got to make them think if even a little.