Tuesday, February 27, 2007

After Today, Change of Schedule

For the information to all, and especially to my local readers, there will be a Tuesday March for Peace today at 4:00 PM at the usual place, in front of the Post Office on Chapple Avenue and Main Street in Ashland, Wisconsin.

Starting NEXT WEEK, Tuesday MARCH 6, 2007. The Tuesday Peace March will begin at a new time.

5:00 PM until 6:00 PM

The March will take place in the same place but at a new time to accomodate people who have work schedules that don't allow them to make it earlier.

Please make note of this. I have posters if you'd like one, please e-mail or call me and I'll send one to you.

Thank you


bluegrrrrl said...

5:00 is a great time for a rush hour audience, too! If you get much of a rush hour in Ashland, that is...

Dorset said...

Great work.