Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Peace March # 6, February 27, 2007

The weather was warmer then it has been. Up into the 30's. The snow storm we had over last weekend that dumped a foot of snow was there, but cleared from the streets and sidewalks of Downtown Ashland. There was no breeze, but also, no sun. After five Tuesdays with bright sunshine, this was the first week since we started that was totally cloudy. It was damp. The dampness in the air gave more than one of us a chill.

We had 10 marchers this week. Most are regulars, a couple new ones. Still wondering where the college students are. Usually they come out in force for peace marching. I know there have been notices around the campus of Northland College in Ashland.

After the march, manmy of us went to the Black Cat coffee shop. There was one of the college students. One of the regulars, Kalene, she was working. Good excuse, I thought. She wanted to be on the street, but had to work. She did vow to make sure the event was well posted at the college on numerous bulletin boards.

Next week, we will be marching at 5:00 PM instead of 4:00. We are told that many folks can make it after work and thet 4:00 PM was just too early. When we started the march, it was dark by 5:00, that's wahy we started at four. So, the word is out., The posters printed and re distributed and we'll see as time passes by if we get more people to come and march for peace on Tuesdays in Ashland, Wisconsin.

Incidently, if any of you out of town folks reading this want to come, you have free lodging and eats at my place. Just a thought. I realize that most folks don't think like I do and jump up for a road trip opportunity like i do, but if you're of the mind, come on over. E-mail me, I'll give you all the details.

A couple of mundane stories to tell. I'll save them for the mid week update. In the meantime. Please do all you can do for peace. Do one little thing more than you have been doing, one little thing. It just might be the one thing that makes a difference.

May Peace Prevail on the Sacred Earth Mother. Peace to ALL!


Mary said...

I'm grounded in my children right now but someday maybe I can jump up at a moments notice and take off. I've always wanted to. I hope by then there will be no need for a peace march. Although maybe people need a constant reminder that war is never the answer even in times of PEACE.

Peacechick Mary said...

When you think of it, marching for peace or peace cornering as we call it, is a sacred act.

Old Broad (going back to Hill soon) said...

You inspire me.
And I LOVE that you have a peace symbol cap on your new grandchild.
Peace, indeed.

betmo said...

i am still wondering why the local media hasn't picked it up- odd that :) i think it is great that you have a consistent number each week. i have a feeling that the better the weather- the better the turnout. peace in our time.