Friday, April 20, 2007

Mid Week News and Tidbits

Last week, during the Peace Vigil, a woman who attended the Vigil and stood with us was nearby when I mentioned to another Vigaler that I had received a letter from Congressman David Obey. Obey is the Wisconsin District 7 Representative. That is our district here in Ashland, WI.

I write Rep. Obey a lot. The answer I received from his staff was directed very personally to my concerns,m which are, to end the war in Iraq. When I was telling of the letter received, this woman I mention told me that Rep. Obey called anti-war protesters "idiot liberals". She went on to berate our Congressman about saying this. I hadn't heard this before and I challenged her to give me the details of this outrage. She couldn't produce the circumstance, but insisted that Rep. Obey said this. She made it seem like he said this about everyone who protested the war.

I haven't had a lot of time, but I did some research just now as I sit and read e-mails and eat some breaklunch, (yes, I know, brunch, but I had leftover ribs and a bowl of cereal! Breaklunch), and I found out that Rep. Obey did say these words, but taken in the context of what he meant, he did not say that "ALL" war protesters were idiots.

Anyway, I found This Article and it explains a lot about what and why Congressman Obey said what he said. I agree with this writer and the assessment of the situation.

The lesson I learned from this example is that I will make an attempt to know my facts before spewing forth venom, and to be fair, I will do this with information that pertains to the Left and the Right.

For example, george w bush, (non capitalization intentional), did say "mission accomplished", and then kept dropping bombs and fighting in Iraq allowing our soldiers and Iraqi civilians to die. Rep. Obey thought that a group of war opponents went too far in addressing their grievances.

Otherwise, it's a nice Spring weekend in Ashland. We'll see you on Tuesday after we meet for Peace. By the way, any of you who would like to attend and stand with us, you are welcome to do so. Always a sofa or something to sleep in and a cup of coffee at the Black Cat on me.

Peace to all. Enjoy the sunset.


Peacechick Mary said...

thanks Spadoman. That's good advice. I know, somethings I read on the internet when taken at first glimpse cause a reaction with me, but when I think it through, I doubt it's veracity.

Thorne said...

Good post. Found you in a roundabout through betmo, I think. Your Peace Gracie is so beautiful!

Daniel said...

Hey, Spadoman, what's all this talk about peace? How're the rich going to make heaps more money if war is banned?

I'm joking of course! My blog and yours have things in common. We both want peace. Seems hard to find somehow. Namaste.

Worried said...

I apologize for my recent absence but it is good to catch up on the doings of the vigilers. I am so proud of everyone's efforts and participation. Good work, as usual.

When is Blogger going to complete their silly investigation and allow access to Round Circle again? I miss the travelogues and travels by proxy.