Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Peace Vigil # 13, April 17, 2007

Today's Peace Vigil in Ashland, Wisconsin was great in a lot of ways. At least as good as something that calls for the end to war, killing and destruction could be. My prayers ask for next weeks vigil to be canceled and not needed. But since we need to stand and show that we want a peaceful world, this weeks display was heart warming.

Twenty Four adults and four little kids. 28 People! 28!

The people just kept coming. Old standards, new folks, new signs, old signs. The Mayor came to the Peace Vigil again and told us he was proud of us. One of the teachers from Northland College. Some students from the college as well. We have been wondering where the college students were hiding. Some were there today and there were reports that much is going on “on campus” to promote peace.

The day started cloudy and a little drizzle. Cool as well with a breeze off the Great Lake Superior. By afternoon, the clouds had cleared and the sun was shining brightly. By 5PM, under a cloudless sky, the people met and pronounced their stand for a peaceful world.

Under some direction from my daughter, my Grandson painted a sign. The message is so simple. “Peace, please, thank you”. A first grader could have written it. Oh, that’s right. He is in first grade.

I am so proud of this community.

I heard of only one report of someone who drove by and yelled something derogatory. So many horns honking, friendly waves and peace signs flashing, I didn’t notice anything that remotely resembled dissent.

I’d also like to mention that in my recent trip to California, Mrs. Spadoman and I had a couple of good experiences pertaining to peace. First of all, we met a fellow Blogger and Peace Activist Bluegrrrrl. It was such a pleasure to meet someone in person that fights the good fight thousands of miles away.

The other experience was to meet up with an old friend from years gone by. We find that she, too, is working hard for peace. She told me of a site that she wanted me to visit. She is involved with The Department of Peace. Her approach to Peace is the same as ours here in Ashland at the Tuesday Vigil. The positive approach, asking for peace and keeping the issue to Peace and not diluting the subject with other issues. I have linked this site in my side bar as well as here in the text. have a look.

Enjoy the pictures. Work hard for Peace. We are all related in this fight and as Brothers and Sisters we can pray for an end to war.

I've usually taken photos of the gathered Vigilers from a view facing them. Here is the crowd from behind. Peace Everybody!


Coffee Messiah said...

Nicely done! ; )

Next week is Peace Week at our local college. Mid week is a talk by the Vice Chief of the Miami Tribe. We hope to see/hear him. ; )

Good weather will change and make the numbers grow even more, everywhere I am most positive!

No said...
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Peacechick Mary said...

valiant effort. Tell everyone at the next vigil, they are heroes all.

betmo said...

keep on keepin' on! it's contagious.

Mary said...

Keep up the good job. Your gaining.

Pam said...

So, so awesome. Keep it up Spado!! For ALL of us!

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