Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Best Peace Activist Group

In Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. there is a weekly tabloid/advertiser freely distributed newspaper that most everyone goes to see what's playing at the movies or the theater, which band is playing at what venue. The low down on the trndiest restaurants and where to find a lover for an hour, a day, a week or a lifetime.

This publication is called, "The City Pages". They also have some in-depth reporting and restaurant, music, book and entertainment reviews. Every year, they publish "the best of". It is a series of places around the Cities, as Minneapolis and St. Paul are called by most folks, that are said to have or be the best at what they do.

The categories are the usual, best breakfast, best lunch, best car wash. But they are also sometimes obscure like the best cup of coffee under one dollar or the best manequin display in a retail store. This year, a category was named as The Best Protest Group. The winner, none other than Alliant Technologies protesters. The same ones that have been mentioned here on Spadoman's Peace Blog. Mrs. Spadoman has been on the protest trail with this bunch. She's been arrested twice with them. Cahgrges dropped both times.

I guess I thought it was cool that the group my wife protests with is the best one in the Cities. Here's the article:

Alliant, Best protest group.

I'll be out on the corner Tuesday at 5:00 PM for the weekly Peace Vigil. I'll hopefully post the happenings soon after. Upcoming is week 17. After 20 weeks, I'll do a statistical data entry and we'll analyse the numbers. Maybe, if we pray hard enough, we won't have to be there asking for peace and asking for an end to the madness of war.

Peace to all.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, what's WI's equivalent to City Pages? I want to nominate the Ashland Peace Rally for best WI Activist Group! I'm also very proud of Barb for managing to protest and keep out of jail! :) We're headed to Maine for a week, will be back by the 23rd - drop me a line!