Friday, May 18, 2007

Peace Vigil #17, May 15, 2007

Sorry that this is so late in posting. I left town immediately after last Tuesday's Vigil and just returned to a computer terminal to report about the event. There were eight people total that attended. There were two who came and stayed the whole hour. The other six came and went throughout the time. The most at any one given time was five people. Those numbers are a big slump from the number of people we have been having.

The weather was a culprit to be sure. Monday brought a drastic drop in temperature and a thunderstorm complete with hail. Badly needed rain, but not enough of it. Tuesday it continued to be moist, but not really raining. ore like a light mist on and off again all day. The temperature didn't get over 50 degrees. In fact, the weather service reported 47 for the high on Tuesday. The relentless wind from the Northeast, picking up the cold and moisture off the big lake kept us clutching our signs with both hands and the giant peace sign flag that Mrs. Spadoman carries was wrapped around her more than once.

We still had many who gave us thumbs up, peace signs and honked their horns. One man came up and thanked us, as he had before, and offered us nuts from a can of mixed nuts he bought just to be able to offer us something. Another man riding a bicycle stopped and also said "Thank you" for being on the corner every week. We heard one car load of dissidents telling us to kill all the rag heads. There was no one that had or offered any intelligent discussion contrary to peace.

Myabe if the weather gets sprimg-like and all warm and fuzzy, the people will come again and we'll have tose 25 plus people out there on a Tuesday afternoon. War is not warm and fuzzy. The war raged on when our weather got cool and uncomfortable for an outdoor gathering. War is always uncomfortable.

Keep doing whatever you can do to bring peace. If you don't do it in the world, in Iraq, do it in your heart and with the people you are in contact with. Peace is the way.


betmo said...

we'll keep working for peace in our time.

Kitchen Window Woman said...

It must have been the weather.

No said...
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