Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Peace Vigil # 19, May 29, 2007

The whole day it threatened rain. Sometimes cloudy, then a little clearing, but always hot and muggy, like a storm os coming and will clear out all the oppressive heat and humidity. It was 86 degrees at 5:00 PM when we started standing on the corner holding our signs. I was in total comfort as I had just finished a reflexology appointment and my feet felt like they were walking on air.

The vigalers trickled in and at the end, we had 15 adults and four children. 19 people in total, no dogs or other pets. Countless horns honking in support. One guy yelled, "booo" at us is the only negative thing I saw or heard. Still a lot of apathy, but this week seemed to have so many wave peace signs and honk horns.

Pat, one of the people who comes often, (She's the one who made the Peace Hydrant), waves at everyone and challenges them to wave back. She likes to get them to wave, get them involved. I didn't bring the Peace Hydrant again this week because it was very windy again. Besides, it's big and bulky and taking up space in my garage. I may have delegated it to the back wall, a place where nobody goes. I'll dig it out next week and put it over the fire hydrant. I'll have to have someone stand on the flaps if it's windy though.

Next week is week 20. A marker of sorts. I will update a spread sheet after next weeks vigil and see our average and temperature range. I've mentioned it would be nice if everyone brought just one person with them for a big showing next week. We'll see what happens. There is also talk about getting at least 6 cars to drive around the block constantly and honk their horn as they pass us by. But maybe in an interest of conserving gasoline, we might not do that. I do have a motorcycle, I'll think about it.

I'll look for a story in the weekly Lake Superior Sounder next Saturday. They came out, took some pictuyres and asked some questions, but it was on the day they send to the publisher. The new issue comes out this Saturday and might have a story about the vigil. The interviewer kept asking what the name of the group was. We kept telling him that there is no group. We are all concerned citizens just with the same thought for peace and an end to war and that we meet once per week for an hour at 5:00 PM on the corner of Chapple Avenue and Main Street in front of the Post Office.

Come join us some day. Someone will put you up, or you can stay at a flea bag Mom and Pop or a high end place overlooking beautiful Lake Superior. I've always offered to buy the coffee and that still stands.

Maybe some pictures later in the week. I didn't take any, but someone was there with a camera. I'll see if I can get a few shots and post them.

Peace to All.


Coffee Messiah said...

I like the continuation of "no label" for your group.

Nicely done and more along this line in life in general would go a long way to making all the wrongs, right.


No said...
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