Thursday, May 31, 2007

Teach Your Children

This was taken last Tuesday at the Ashland Peace Vigil on May 29th. This is Yoody. She wanted to carry the peace flag. Her style was to run and have it wave fully unfurled so all could see the peace sign.

We are glad and fortunate, we feel, that our Grandchildren prefer to join us on the corner doing a vigil for peace rather than be somewhere else.

Last nights kitchen table discussion revealed to all of us that we can't roll over and allow the war to continue, but rather we stand for the good reasoning that might bring the killing, death and destruction to an end.

If not for ourselves, if not for Mother Earth, if not for those serving and experiencing the horror, then for the children. Yoody is three. She has never been alive when the country she lives in was not at war. She wasn't told or directed to carry this peace flag. She grabbed it and wanted to run with it and see it fly. Maybe she knows something we don't know. I hope so.

Peace to All. Peace in Her time.


No said...
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Peacechick Mary said...

Very wise child!

fjb said...

What a sweety. A poster child, perhaps?