Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Peace Vigil # 20, June 5, 2007

We have arrived as a force in Ashland, Wisconsin. Our Peace Vigil was mooned today by a young man. I'm not sure how to count this as "for" or "against" peace. But it was attention paid to our group of concerned citizens that continue to stand on the corner once per week for peace.

The weather was great. Around 70 degrees and a slight wind. The signs were easier to hold on to with the slight breeze than when the gales blow in off the Great Lake Superior. The sun was shining brightly as we assembled for week number 20. The group with no name and no organized order drew 23 adults and six children for a total of 29 people. That is tthe moist we have had since we started.

Here is the raw number. The total number of people who have come since we began on January 23rd of this year is 296. The average number of people is 14.8. Close enough to 15 for me to make a call. We get 15 people per week to come out, unorganized, not called and reminded, but who make the effort every week to stand on a street corner and ask for peace in our time.

Mnay folks bring children and Grand children. The oldest is a 75 year old Veteran from Korea. The youngest was a two month old baby girl who we nicknamed Peace Gracie. (You can see her picture on the side bar).

No one brought a camera to chronicle the 20th week. When I look back at the old posts, aside from the snow and the clothing that has been slowly peeling away as the Spring turns into Summer, we all look the same. The signs are the same as we hammer away at one main issue, Peace.

My favorite was drawn by a seven year old boy named DJ. His says, "Peace, please...Thank You"

May Peace prevail in our time for all of Mother Earth.


Peacechick Mary said...

Great news! Whether they come or don't come to stand for peace, you have and that is what counts.

Hill said...

Ditto what peacechick mary said.
Peace prevails. Lovely thought.

betmo said...

peace in our time my friend.