Tuesday, July 3, 2007

peace Vigil # 24 July 3, 2007

A very nice turnout today. 21 people showed up. One of our regulars, a gracious elder woman who carries a sign that shows her Grandson and his daughter, and asks that he gets to come home safe and alive, had her niece and Grand niece from way down south in Indiana show up in her place as she traveled west for a wedding. Another regular made a new sign. A great four sided affair. I'll post a picture next week as no one had a camera today.

The weather was great. 75 degrees, a slight breeze, hazy sunshine. Many people honking horns and waving at us. I didn't see any negative stuff like fingers, (half peace signs) or thumbs down today. One guy gestured "what", with palms up and a quick shaking of his head. I can't say that it's negative because I ask myself that often about this terrible war built on lies. I ask, "What are we doing this for?"

Last night, on Democracy Now, there was a report about the Pentagon Papers. You know, the paper trail that exposed the United States Government and their lies that held us in Vietnam. It sounds so much like Iraq. If history repeats, we have a long time to be standing on the corner holding a peace vigil. Let's hope and pray and work hard to get an end of this one. Take a look at this report at the Democracy Now website. Look for the program that aired on July 2, 2007.

The main point about the Pentagon Papers from long ago is that Mike Gravel, the former Senator from Alaska and current presidential candidate as a Democrat, didn't worry about his political future when it came to exposing the truth. Today, there doesn't seem to be any elected official willing to take a political risk. They all continue to allow this administration to lie and put themselves above the law. Until a Senator or Congressperson rises up and stands for the truth, we'll be in this war. Or maybe it's the money. Maybe it's just hard to turn down the millions that are being made on the lives of soldiers and civilians.

Please, I urge you all to do all you can do to end the war.

Peace to all.


Coffee Messiah said...

Where are the JFKs and MLKs of this generation?

Sadly, no one stands out. ; (

See Keith Olberman if you missed it last night.

Spot on as usual!

Peace to you and yours, Brother!

bluegrrrrl said...

Hey Spadoman, Thanks for the update and thank you for all you do for Peace...

I hope all is well with you my friend...

No said...
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fjb said...

Happy 4th, Spado.

Keep the faith, and hopefully a politician with a backbone, guts and the will to make changes will make their presence known, soon.


Bobby Bittman said...

How you doin, Buddy?

Bobby Bittman said...

How are ya?

Yo, Spado. I TAGGED YA