Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Peace Vigil # 25 July 10, 2007

I literally just walked in the door from today's Peace Vigil. The wind is relentless here and blowing steady at 25 mph and gusts to 50 mph. It's cool for this time of year, but not cold, temperature was 65 degrees. Mrs. Spadoman was holding the 3'X5' Peace Sign Flag on a five foot stick. It was all she could do to stand upright. The sign I hold is on a stick as well. The wind bent my sign, so I ended up placing the stick on the sidewalk and holding the sign.

There were six people total today, with just two of us lasting the whole hour vigil. It is summertime and many people are traveling and away from home. The students from local Northland College are also gone until Fall, so our numbers are down. But I understand that this might be the case as the summer weather is in full swing.

People are visiting Ashland, Wisconsin and Lake Superior as well. We got horn honks today from Louisianna, Kentucky, Missouri, Virginia, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin,m or at least people driving cars with those above mentioned states license plates. The people in the car with Iowa plates stopped and asked us about our vigil and gave us a blesssing for doing what we do.

Next week, Tuesday, July 17th, is the 26th week of our Peace Vigil. Six months. I plan on putting in a new poster at the coffee shop to remind folks we're still out here. I will write an op-ed piece or a letter to the editor to the local Ashland Daily Press to recap the highs and lows of this endeavor.

The bottom line now is that we still continue to stand for one agenda at this Tuesday event. Peace. And an end of this war, and end to war of any kind. Still no name calling or dilution of our message by the introduction of other problems with this administration. Not that they don't exist, but we all believe that keeping the message simple and straight forward, we will unite and get something accomplished.

At times it seems dismal. The drum keeps beating in Washington and the war goes on. People are dying. Lives are changed forever. But for an hour on Tuesdays, we spread peace in a small town in Northern Wisconsin.

Peace to all.


Daniel said...

If only there were another 290,000,000 like you in America, Spadoman!

George is glad there's not.

No said...
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betmo said...

the gop have called on bush to change things before september. perhaps there's some change going on in america now! peace in our time.

Coffee Messiah said...

Every little bit helps.

As for th gop, they're only worried about getting re-elected, otherwise, if they were truly serious, they wouldn't have waited so long.

And to hear some of the speeches about " them coming here" I wanna "re-puke!" ; (