Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Peace Vigil # 28, July 31, 2007

Another week passes us by. Another week with our country at war. More killing. More devastation. More bullshit and lies from an administration that keeps dealing death to the world in the name of peace. I am physically and emotionally sick from it. I pray and send positive energy to the world.

This week, the temperature at the bank said 100 degrees. It was probably only 96 or so. The electronic sign sits facing the summertime sun. Still hot for Ashland, Wisconsin where it's usually cool on the shores of the Great Lake Superior.

We had 5 people show up for todays Peace Vigil. Two people in cars stopped and opened the window of their air conditioned vehicle to wish us well and thank us. One man walked across the street to shake our hands and say thanks. Many horn honks, waves and peace signs flashed at us. Many from the out-of-town travelers visiting our area which is common during summer months.

I was called by a representative of the Northland College public radio station and will do a live interview about the Tuesday Peace Vigil on air soon. I'll list the stream information when that happens. I hope i can be a good spokesperson about our efforts.

Eight women were walking across the street from us today. They waved and flashed peace signs and yelled out their approval. I yelled back to them and asked them to give us five minutes and come and stand with us. They did. I found out they were a group of women who go on a bicycle trip each year together. This years trip brought them through Ashland. They gave us a break and held our signs and stayed for at least 15 minutes. We talked about the issue of war and we told them about out regular Tuesday routine.

I'll count them as participants since they carried signs and this brings us up to 13 for the day. Not bad for a 100 degree hot sun drenched day. Nothing compared to being in full combat gear in 120 degree temps with blowing sand, bullets, bombs and lies being thrown at us. We had luxury in comparison.

Lastly, I have some pictures of a new sign that was given to me by a good friend and Vietnam Veteran Brother named Jim. The sign is a banner from The Peace Company. You can call them at 1-800-455-5355.

The banner has "Peace" written in many languages. Arabic, Chinese, English, Sanskrit, Russian, Hebrew and Latin along with a rainbow colored Peace Sign and the Dove of Peace.

Enjoy the pictures. Spread peace to all you come in contact with. It starts with us as individuals.


betmo said...

the signs are great! i know what you mean about feeling sick about this whole thing. 2009 is being bandied about as a time frame now by the admin. sigh. with the new bases and embassy being built, i have a feeling that that is a lie too. you will be an excellent spokesman for the vigil. your words come from your heart.

Adrie Adrie Anna said...

Hey Joe!

I love the new signs! Great addition. Hang in there with the Peace Vigil ~ your blogs have gotten this girl to rethink some of this mess. Not that I was in favor of our country going to war. The point, even the smallest effort, the smallest steps make a difference and begin to change public consciousness one person at a time. Thanks Joe!

Adrie Anna

Mariamariacuchita said...

Tose are great banners/signs!!

Mariamariacuchita said...

Oooops. I meant "those."

Daniel said...

If only America had more like you, Spadoman. You put your money where your mouth is. Well done!