Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Peace Vigil # 29, August 7, 2007

More information about this poster at the end of todays post. Check it out!

Today's Peace Vigil was a good event in many ways. But first, it is always a sad event in the first place. It's sad because it is nessessary to have to march o our towns streets to call attention to the death and destruction that is war and show others that we want it to end in the hopes that others will realize that war is always for naught.

Great weather. 80 degrees, a nice breeze kept the lags out away from our heads, but not hard to hold onto. Bright sun. We had a visitor from The Northland Anti-War Coalition, Carl dropped by from this local Peace organization out of the Duluth/Superior area to join us and thank us for our work. He also turned us on to a couple of major events coming up. Check out this link and read about the Strike Day, September 21st and the Regional Rally in Chicago in October.

Besides Carl standing with us on the corner, we had 14 other adults come and carry signs. One woman, I didnnot get her name, made a batch of the mnost beautiful, best tasting ginger snaps I've ever experienced. Nice to have a treat available. We also had our resident "Pats". The minister and the elder. Both of these women get attention from the people passing by either by waving or by saying hello.

Mark was there with his Don Quixote windmill style streetsign for peace, and Darl showed up. He'd been feeling ill. We were glad to see this Korean War Veteran standing with us asking for peace. As a group, we spread out along the sidewalk and had horns honking and people waving their approval from the start of the Vigil, a little before 5 PM, until we dispersed right around six.

We talked about the National event in Washington DC on September 15th. A massive march to end the war. Here's the contact information about that. It's put on by The ANSWER Mrs. Spadoman and I are serious about going to this one. The possibility exists to drive the van and have room for a few passengers from Ashland, or to pick up along the way. E-mail to talk about it.

Another weekly Vigil done. Plans for next Tuesday are in place barring a miracle vote in the house and senate that bush can't veto, so, we'll be here next week.

Keep working for peace, and Thanks.

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Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

Saw your post at PT, and hope you can make it. I am going to try to go in September. Although I know many of my local groups are refusing to attend ANSWER events now. I know we wont organize a bus. We'll see what happens.

Love your peace baby pic!