Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Peace Vigil # 31, August 21, 2007

Another Tuesday passes by. Lower numbers for the death toll of US troops. That's suppose to be a good thing, but tell even one family that their son or daughter has been killed and it's still too many, let alone the eight that died from the time of Vigil number 30 to number 31. People just don't get it. "Only eight got killed this week" isn't acceptable because it's not 30. Of course, as you know, we're not even broadcasting the number of civilians that get killed by anyones hands or the number of casualties that die enroute to the German hospitals and USA hospitals, those that are killing themselves when they get home or those that work for the contractors over there. These numbers are harder to find. But it is all death and destruction.

The news of the war is stifled by election news. Talk about anything else except that there is still a war going on. Well, we know there is a war going on and we stand and remind folks once per week is all. We hold our signs for peace. Nine of us yesterday. Nine adults, four kids and a puppy named Roan, who was on a leash.

A man walked over and joined us from the Black Cat Coffee Shop not one block away from our chosen corner. He told us he was from Waukesha, a city near Milwaukee, down-state from here. Everything is down-state from here since we live as far north as you can be. He said he was in town and saw the small poster telling of the weekly Vigil and wanted to join us. Another man, a few minutes later, came by. He was from Washington State. He told us that he attends a similar event where he lives. He thanked us for our efforts. Another couple, tourists, called out their approval from across the street as they passed our group.

We get plenty of support. Plenty of honking horns, waves and peace signs. Now, poeple we know drive by and around the block to honk and wave. I saw one guy give the "finger" from the back seat of a car. A Fuck You because we are against the war. I wonder if it was george bush. For that seems to be the general attitude that he pushed forth about his brand of politics in his administration. Probably not him. Why would he come to Ashland? There are no up-and-coming Republicans here. This is a Democratic stronghold, a liberal area. We have David Obey and Russ Feingold. These guys think like we do.

I got a great letter from Congressman Obey the other day. I don't have a scanner. I will try to get it posted here. You can read from the mouth of a Congressman what he feels is the problem in the House and why the majority of Democrats can't seem to get anything done. He claims they are trying and I believe him. I'll try to get that letter in here soon.

The weather was a bit glomy yesterday. Warm, around 78 degrees, and a little drizzle on and off throughout the Vigil. But generally okay. No one melted from the moisture and we stood another week for peace.

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