Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Peace Vigil # 30, August 14, 2007

Another week passes by, another Peace Vigil here in Ashland, WI. Another 20 US soldiers dead, countless lives torn apart by war, Iraq still in turmoil. Nine people stood on the corner today. Nine. Many mnay horn honks of support. One middle finger and one loud yell of, "Get a job!", which is a favorite. Makes me laugh every time as I have worked a lifetime already and am retired.

The weather was nice today. A breeze to cool us and keep our flags waving, the clouds shielded us from the hot summer sun. Temps down in the 80's. A nice older couple pulled up to the curb. The woman got out of the passenger side as the man held his position at the wheel. She applauded us for our efforts as she asked for directions to a local eatery. She told us that her husband has been against this war from the start and supports us too. I saw the "Semper Fi" bumper sticker of the ex-Marine as they drove off towards their destination.

Another man walked up to our group. I have seen him before. He joined us and grabbed a sign out of the back of my pickup truck. I always carry extra signs for those that show up without one. This particular man claimed to be a Veteran. In the past, he didn't stick around very long. Today, he stayed through the whole Vigil.

I also saw the man that offered me the one-way ticket to Iraq and the casket a few weeks ago. I wrote about him in the piece I wrote that was printed as a commentary in the local Ashland Daily Press. I made eye contact. He offered no further comments to me or our group. One of the regulars is a minister. I told her that I saw the man. She said, "Good, now we know who he is so we can pray for him.". That is a true statement of a peaceful person. There are still some around.


No said...
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enigma4ever said...

this is beautiful...I am so glad that I stumbled over her...thank you for your vigils and for all that you do.namaste.