Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Peace Vigil # 39, October 16, 2007

This is number 39, nine months into the Peace Vigil, over four years into the war and an eternity of war and mans inhumanity to man overall.

Nine people showed up on a rainy day in Ashland. It was warm enough, in the 60's, but had been raining all day. The actual drops let up late in the afternoon and the protesters stood on wet pavement, but were dry.

No instances to report other than a nice man apologizing that he didn't have any cookies for us as he thanked us for being there and asking the town and the world for peace.

Maybe an editorial later, mid week. But for now, the report about the Peace Vigil has been made.


No said...

Thanks for update...again, thanks for your never ending support of ending this matter what the weather, cirumstance, etc.

bluegrrrrl said...

I love the bit about the nice man wishing he had some cookies for you!!!

Dusty said...

My humble red city does a peace vigil every friday. Its small, but that matters not.

What matters is we get more honks in support than lunatics that seem to be pro-war and anti-1st amendment responding as they drive by.