Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Peace Vigil # 40, October 23, 2007

Here we are, 40 weeks into it. We passed the nine month mark. I have to be perfectly honest. When I started this thing, I wasn't thinking long term. Now, I know I am in it for the duration. Not only the duration of this war and our call for peace, but for the duration of my life here on the Sacred Earth Mother, as there will always be a need for protest to cry out for all those whose cries are muted by the empires of greed.

On the Siren's Chronicles, there is a good article about greed and the energy companies in cahoots with futures trading and how we the people feel the brunt of this greed. Check it out HERE. It is also listed on my side bar here and at Round Circle. Incidently, The Siren's Chronicles feature a wide variety of thought provoking subjects by a plethora of writers.

This week on the corner, it was windy. Out of the North at this time of the year in this climate means wind chill factor. It was downright cold. The actual temperature was around 50 degrees. It had been raining, but it did not rain during the Peace Vigil.

We had four people who stood out there for the whole hour. We had others that come and go. One was a Episcopalian Priest named Ward. He has always supported us from a far as his schedule never allowed him to be with us physically. This vigil, he was there. There also was a man that walked up to us and asked us if we wanted a cookie. He didn't have any with him, but he would have walked the half block to the Black Cat, (the local coffeehouse), and bought as many as were requested. He gave us his support.

Another man approached me as I stood some 20 feet away from the others. I was carrying the American Flag. He asked me if I was protesting the others. I told him that I was with them, we just didn't stand toe to toe every minute of the hour. He left without other comment. Not sure if he was for us or agin' us. Doesn't matter. He was subjected and exposed to our request for peace.

The total, then, of supportive people on the corner was eight. But we have become such a fixture in Ashland, that the motorists start honking their horns in support of our efforts when they see us unloading the signs from the car. This is positive. many people go out of their way to slow down and wave with thumbs up or peace signs along with the horn honk. I was told that someone saw one motorist give us the finger.

In the post from last week here on Spadoman"s Peace Blog, a commenter mentioned our first amendment rights. That is, to be able to stand on the corner and say what we want to. I guess in that vain, we are also standing for our rights, at least one of them, as we stand for peace every Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.

Winter is coming. It's gonna get cold and be wet with slush or have snow covered sidewalks. I sometimes wish I didn't make such a proclamation that I would stand for peace until this war was over, but your support on these pages and the support of the people is worth it. We all feel we are doing something. In the words of the Elder, Pat, who stands most every week no matter what the weather, "We have hope".

Now go to Neo-Resistance, a blog by someone named naj. It will teach many of you about the real Iran and Iraq. If you are anything like me, you might find this point of view enlightening. Much of it gives reasons and explantions that we, as Americans, who are sheltered from the real news of a far away land, need to help us understand the world situation. I strongly urge you to go through the posts and read the dialogue created in the comments by the blog owner and others.

Peace to All Mitakwe Oyasin Namaste


Mary said...

Good stuff.

Coffee Messiah said...

Salute Bro! ; )

Fran said...

I must share with you my philosophy of those who would give the finger to people doing a peace Vigil.

Since the peace sign is 2 digits- the index & middle fingers, I figure those giving the finger or just the middle finger are "halfway to a peace sign"- not quite there, but working on it.

How is that for a positive spin?

Kitchen Window Woman said...

Your dedication lights up our struggle against the darkness. I am so glad that different people are coming by to give support. It shows that you guys are having an effect.