Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Peace Vigil # 41, October 30, 2007

The weather was great today. Well into the 60's and sunny with a slight breeze. The past three weeks have been rainy and windy. The change was a relief. Traffic on Main Street was busy today from start to finish.

We had 11 people show up and four kids and one dog. That's 15 all together. Not all of them stayed there for the full one hour, but the fact that they come and stay for part of the time is a good thing. The owner of the Black Cat Coffee House was out and about and she stopped by. She has before. This time, she had her small son with her. He must be three or four, something like that. She explained to him that we were all out here because we wanted people to be nice to each other.

There were quite a few people, I noticed today, that were shaking their heads or frowning. I saw one guy give us the finger and another called us "Morons". More disapproval than I have noticed in quite a while. But we also had so many horn honks, thumbs up and waves they would have been too hard to count. Pastor Patty had five in a row at one point. Of course she is holding a sign that says, "Honk For Peace"

Always amazes me that someone would call names to people that don't agree with them about a political government policy. They must have such a great repore at home with those in the household. If A Veteran, (I was wearing my Vietnam Veterans Cap), with an American flag, exercising his first amendment right is a moron, then imagine the name calling attacks the wife gets when she watches a TV show he don't like? Or better yet, cheers for the other football team? Oh Man, I bet sparks fly over there.

When I first started the Vigil, over 9 months ago, I would get such a sick feeling in my gut when someone would shout us down or flip us off. Now, I accept it. It has been quite a growth experience for me personally. I just realized that these people who hate and yell names are the reason there is war. At least they get to see that some folks don't want it and they can't do anything about that, either, just like we can't do anything about them and their attacks of name calling.

Otherwise, that's it for another week. A nice warm day. But I got the winter gear unpacked from storage and ready for the cold and snow. I hope it is adventurous this year, as in asshole deep drifts and sub zero temperatures. I can see the 55 gallon drum burn barrel with broken up pallets flaming away as we rub our mitten festooned hands over the licking flames, all the while stomping our Sorel pac boot clad feet on the snow packed sidewalk. Ahhhh Yes, just like the old Teamster days when we went out on strike in 1973, or was it 1972? I don't remember, but we did, down in Chicago.

Peace to all. Thanks for stopping by.


Fran said...

See my comment about people giving half a peace sign in the previous post. We've had those kinds of responses before. Important to not engage. Often, when people are REALLY angry- about peace, they want to yell their opinion, but do not want to have a rational discussion. For those once sided aggressors, I tell them they are entitled to their opinion & I have heard their view. I found they don't want to hear my view. Some would love nothing more than to have a full blown fight at the peace vigil. Pro peace groups need to embrace the peace, and let the ranters blow thier steam.
Pity all that hot air what with the global warming...

Anonymous said...

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