Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Peace Vigil # 45, November 27, 2007

There were five hearty souls that took part in the Peace Vigil today. The temperature was at 8 degrees. It was very windy earlier, right off the lake, but when we started the Vigil, the wind had subsided. It picked up again, but not as fierce as it was earlier, and from a different direction and not off the lake.

Many positive horn honks, waves and thumbs up from people today. One woman stopped and told us we were doing a great job and thanked us, another man, Rich, a City Councilman here in Ashland, gave me a strobe/flashlight to use as it is completely dark now when we start the Vigil.

Going to see about getting a portable propane heater to have nearby to warm our hands when it gets cold like this. Also going to look into some battery powered peace sign lights or something, even though there is a street light close by shining on us, we'd like to be seen while there in the dark.

A good time was had by all as we talked and the hour went by quickly despite the cold.

I posted an article about the Republican National Convention on Round Circle. URL is on the side bar. Have a look.

Peace to All.


betmo said...

know what i think is ridiculous? that you may have to stay on that corner forever. i did chuckle ironically over the heater. the mere fact that you all are planning ahead to be on that corner is ludicrous. can we impeach or something now?

Olgostin said...

Another cold Xmas is drawing near, full of bitter smiles and fear, shrugs of shoulders and tears, I'm afraid.
But things will change.
Spadoman, I happened on your blog wandering about the internet and wish you all the best.
I'm a pacifist and musician, and I am sure that peace is the answer, we shall overcome.
You can listen to my songs here, http://www.myspace.com/olgostin
Music in the name of Peace.

Smiles & hugs

Daniel said...

Hey, Spadoman, I admire you. To do what you're doing requires great courage and belief. If only 250 million Americans joined you then the Bush's Dark Ages would be over in days.

I still have your link on my site. Take care!

Larry said...

At least there were 5 of you that is a start.

Peace Train has a long list of Peace Rally's around the country on todays post.