Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Peace Vigil # 46, December 4, 2007

L to R, Barb, (Mrs. Spadoman), Pastor Pat, Pat the Elder and Spadoman with the American Flag.

We've had snow falling every day since the weekend and today was no exception. About four inches of real fluffy stuff today, and 5-9 inches more expected tonight. All this after a ten to twelve inch dump we had on Saturday into Sunday. It wasn't too cold as it was still snowing when we held the Vigil. It was around 20-25 degrees and no wind. That's what saved us today. When that wind whips up off the lake, we're doomed to freeze out there.

And even with the inclement weather, we had ten people stand for peace today. Seven stayed the whole hour, three of them came and stood with us as long as they could. We also had an unusually high number of pedestrians stop and talk to us, and none of them were against our efforts. The first two people that walked by us made mention that they didn't like the war. Another woman, a jogger, was running and stopped to find out what we were doing. We find out dhe is in Ashland to attend Northland College and this is the first time in her life she has experienced snowfall.

Pat the Elder. She will get to see her Grandson soon as he is getting a visit away from Iraq for Christmas.

Still another just stopped to say he saw us there and that he hoped we wouldn't freeze. We also got plenty of horn honks, smiles, waves and peace signs. I saw no negative gestures. It does get dark really early in the Vigil. Right about when we start it is dark. A couple fo us feel that we just don't see the negative gestures when it's dark and that we should think this way all the time and act like it doesn't ever happen.

Shutterwi took some pictures today. We haven't had pictures of the Vigil in a while. If you check out his site, you can see the student from Napa, CA enjoying her first snow. Those I post here are of the group and Pat the Elder as we stand on the corner in the beautiful winterscene. The other Pat, the Pastor, is wearing a Santa hat. This photo could easily be a holiday greeting card.

Six more weeks and we'll have done this Vigil for a year. We will do as we did for the six month anniversary. Write letters to the editor of the local Ashland Daily Press and try to recruit more people for the Vigil.

Yours Truly sitting to aleviate the sciatica pain.

Peace to All.


Coffee Messiah said...

Peace Bro and I believe people need to send articles and photos of all the vigils to their representatives. Seems that no one is paying attention anymore in DC.....

And after the latest revelation about Iran, and bush still holding his ground, well '09 ain't getting here soon enough!

Kitchen Window Woman said...

The first photo sure does look like a Christmas card. I haven't lived in the snow since we left Detroit when I was 12 back in 1962. I kind of miss it now and then - especially those big fluffy flakes like th ones in the photos.

You guys are terrific for braving the cold to keep the vigil going! It is encouraging that people continue to respond favorably to what you are doing especially during this time of year. Stay warm.

Dusty said...

To do this action..week after week..inspite of the weather..well, it just warms the cockles of my lil black heart Spadoman.

Bless you sir for keeping the flame of peace burning bright.

bluegrrrrl said...

Hey Spadoman!!
Excellent pics! Don't throw a snowball at me, but I wish I were standing in the middle of all that snow with you!!

I admire you for keeping up the good work week after week...and maybe one of these Wednesdays I will get to join you...

Peace, my brother

Casdok said...

Inspiring post.

landsker said...

"When the battle stopped and the smoke cleared,.
There was thunder from the throne."

Peace is a long battle, you never tire, I`m sure one day soon, the smoke is going to clear from America.

landsker said...

Oh, by the way, that line was from a Willie Nelson song, with Ray Charles, (written by Eddie Setser and Troy Seals.)

WeezieLou said...

hadn'd been by here before - great cause - next time i hope y'all wear thermal underware!!

i haven't lived in the snow in 30 years, after going from NY to Texas.
but i always make sure to visit NY/CT at least once a winter. of course, visiting it is far better than living in it!

Larry said...

Good job Joe !! Kinda of wished I could have seen some snow like this when I was there on Veteran's day.

All the best with The Vigil. Great pictures !!

Take care,

Larry in warm Tennessee ( running air conditioner now !! )

P.S. : Have you thought about starting earlier, so you won't be in the dark ?