Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Impeachment Update

Impeachment of Vice President Cheney for lies that got us into this illegal immoral war is still alive. After a lot of bullshit and the Democrats not wanting to go ahead and try for impeachment, it all backfired. Sometoimes politics works that way. Think Pelosi was afraid to put it "on the table" because she knew she had gone ahead and approved torture? Just a thought.

Anyway, My pal Fran posted a lot of information on her blog. This single post can tell anyone how to write, call, e-,ail or fax your lawmakers and tell them to go ahead and start the impeachment investigations and hearings. So what if chain dick will leave office before it is finished. Let's hold a crook's feet to the fire and listen to him scream.

Check out this post at Fran's. She put a lot of work into it. Even if you want to contact your public official for another issue, this is great information to have. Thanks for the hard work Fran.

Also, this Friday, December 21st is Iraq Moratorium Day #4. It is the third Friday of every month. Check out their website to see what is happening in your city or town or neck of the woods, or you might want to start something of your own.
Iraq Moratorium #4. Check it out.

Peace to All.

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Coffee Messiah said...

They'll never do it. Besides, they've dragged their feet so long, why stop now! ; (