Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Future of Peace

I personally have moved away from Ashland. I no longer attend the Tuesday afdternoon Peace Vigils there, or even know if they still go on. Some of the folks attend the once monthly Iraq Moratorium in Hayward. Some folks might be standing on the corner weekly in Ashland. I am sure that no one has changed their mind and now thinks that having a war is a good idea.

As I was the appointed leader of the Ashland Peace Vigil, I feel a sense of responsibility for it, but then again, life calls and our family had to move away. It is hard to drive 200 miles every Tuesday to stand for peace when there are numerous opportunities to stand for peace right in my own "new" backyard.

In the Monneapolis/Saint Paul, MN area we have a Peace March on the Lake Street bridge every Wednesday evening. My spouse, Barb, attends a vigil every Wednesday morning at Alliant Technoligies, a place where cluster bombs and other armaments are made.

We will attend the Veterans For Peace National Convention in August, and join the large massive protests scheduled for the Republic National Convention.

I devote my life to peace and for this great country to actually make peace and not war. These pages may be empty from Ashland, but the spirit of it all will live on somewhere else.

If anyone from Ashland wants to continue with this blog, feel free to contact me and I'll give you the passwords for continuation of posting here. In the meantime, I'll check back from time to time with updates as to our peace efforts here in the Twin Cities.

Peace and Love to All, as all life is Sacred.


T. R. Cosby said...

Thanks for your spirit. You are an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

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Thank you so much for your support. All this would not happen without you!

Best wishes from UN Headquarters in New York,

The UN International Day of Peace Team

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