Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Peace in Our Future

Peace, how elusive. No one I know walks the world in total peace. Maybe Jesus did. Maybe other prophets. Maybe no one. We get angry at our fellow man and we judge others. We don't tolerate an erratic driver or someone, usually a friend, who makes a choice to live out a situation in their life that might not be to our liking or understanding.

We achieve periods of peace. Sometimes we feel we are at peace when we are not thinking about the war or the shape the world seems to be in these days. We have peace when we aren't worried about anything. We think peace is something we can all have or should have at some point. On the larger scale, peace means that there is no more war. No one oppressing another Nation for reasons of religion or resources or power and control. No government passing laws that take away our freedoms, the very freedoms that we would fight for, that we would exchange peace for, to have and hold as our own. Can we have both? Freedom and peace? What is peace to one might be unfathomable to another and then the fighting starts and peace is broken.

Quite elusive this peace. Any kind of peace. Many just live and don't create or try to create any type of peace at all. No world peace, no personal peace, no freedom, no justice. Then there are those that fight wars and tell the people it is for peaceful reasons and that by killing and control, there will be peace. This has proven to be a falsehood and has never worked. As soon as the surrender was signed at the end of World War II, the peace was broken and the cold war started. Examples of this behavior has been written throughout history.

No, the only peace you can have is the peace you create in your own heart, your own mind. Live in peace and peace will find you. Even when you are oppressed, beaten into submission for your beliefs, you can have peace, but it is a hard path.

The Ashland Pro Peace Vigil no longer is held on Tuesdays. I left Ashland a year ago and no one picked up the banner. I had to leave Ashland. I stand now and again for peace in other parts of the world, and there are those that still want peace in Ashland. They're just not visible on the corner on Tuesdays.

I guess I was feeling that the Peace Blog has been neglected and I wanted to say something about peace. Inner peace, world peace, community and neighborhood peace, peace at home, peace amongst friends, peace over an issue. I'm going to try at attain all the peace I can and when I think or do something that does not harbor peace, I'll try again. I will hope to remember when my thoughts, words or actions would be not peaceful or instilled with peace. I'll pray for peace when this happens and ask the Creator, the Higher Power of my own understanding, to get me back on track and living peacefully when I succumb. I wish peace to all of you.

Peace to all, always.


Utah Savage said...

I have given you an award. It's up at my place. Sometimes men have a hard time getting these foofy girly awards, but it seems to be women are the big time award designers. Awards also come with all kinds of thou shalts and shalt nots. I think rules are just begging to be broken even though I usually follow them, but that's because I don't really have much of a life other than blogging. But don't feel obligated to link to fifteen other bloggers unless you feel like it.

Pagan Sphinx said...

I'm very unhappy to see escalation of the war budget with Obama. We're so burned out on these needless wars. And yet we're just rolling over for more war funding. I've just been resigned and sad and needing to look inward for peace as well. Not much else to do anymore...

Labrys said...

Peace is illusive. And the reasons for war are so complex that soundbite explanations are too facile, too easy...and often, too shrill. And already, without peace in sight, the questions begin for the battered veterans, "Why do YOU get a paid education, and I don't?"
So the man/woman can study something besides peace can begin.